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Are dental x-rays safe?

This is a common question, and the short answer is yes, dental x-rays are safe. Today’s digital radiographs mean patients are exposed to even less radiation than they were with traditional x-rays. (Note that pregnant women should let us know ahead of time of their condition; we will weigh the pros and cons of doing x-rays based on the individual situation.)

Radiation exposure from today’s x-rays is minimal; in fact, you are likely to be exposed to more radiation taking a walk on a sunny day or boarding an airplane. The risks of skipping dental x-rays can negatively impact your oral health.

Prevention is key in protecting your oral health, and dental x-rays enable your dentist to spot problems while they are still small and before they escalate into big issues.

Why Dental X-Rays Are Important

  • Early detection of tooth decay. The earlier a cavity is spotted, the smaller the filling. Often tooth decay that is in its earliest stage cannot be spotted by the naked eye but only through a dental x-ray.
  • Your dentist is likely the one healthcare professional who examines your mouth regularly. Changes that could signal issues such as oral cancer are crucial to discover early.
  • If you have gum disease, you are at risk of bone loss, and often an x-ray is the only way your dentist can spot this. It’s vital that your dentist know how far your gum disease has progressed to recommend the proper treatment.

If you have questions or concerns about dental x-rays, please call our Orlando dental office!

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