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Revive Your Smile with a Dental Bridge in Orlando, FL at Hillcrest Dental.

Have you been dealing with the discomfort of a missing tooth? Has the loss of a tooth impacted your self-esteem and disrupted your everyday tasks?

A dental bridge may be what you need to regain your smile’s function and appearance. At Hillcrest Dental in Orlando, Florida, we are dedicated to caring for your smile. We provide dental bridges, as well as several other dental restoration options, to replace missing teeth. Visit us for a tooth bridge in Orlando today.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

A missing tooth impacts more than how your smile looks. It can also disrupt your ability to bite, chew, and talk. 

A dental bridge is one of the most common solutions for a missing tooth. Our tooth bridges help you speak more clearly, chew properly, and maintain good oral health. Compared to other restorations, they are less invasive and often covered by insurance. We can use a dental bridge to replace or more teeth.

The Dental Bridge Procedure in Orlando, FL

Curious about the dental bridge procedure? Let us walk you through the steps:

Building a Strong Foundation

We start by preparing the neighboring teeth to serve as stable supports for the dental bridge.

Dental Impressions

We use state-of-the-art technology to create accurate scans of the area. These scans provide essential information for crafting your custom dental bridge and planning the treatment.

Custom Dental Bridge Fabrication

We then send the scans to our dental lab partner. There, the technicians create your personalized bridge and replacement tooth.

Temporary Bridge

While your permanent bridge is being made, we may place a temporary bridge to protect the abutments and delicate gum tissue.

Installing the Permanent Bridge

Return when the permanent bridge is finished. The dentist installs it to restore your smile!

Renew Your Smile with a Dental Bridge in Orlando, FL

Address your missing tooth and restore your smile today with a permanent bridge in Orlando. Hillcrest Dental is here to help you renew the function and beauty of your smile. Fill in the gap from a missing tooth and revitalize your confidence! 

Contact us and book your consultation for a dental bridge in Orlando, FL, today!

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