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Restore and preserve your natural tooth with a root canal in Orlando.

If you’re dealing with consistent tooth pain or extreme tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, then you may have a damaged tooth pulp. 

Without treatment, this problem may eventually lead to permanent tooth loss. 

The best way to alleviate your discomfort and preserve your natural tooth is with a root canal in Orlando. 

Our team at Hillcrest Dental is here to help you reclaim your dental health. Our priority is preserving natural teeth, so we will assess if a root canal is right for you. Visit our root canal specialist today.

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are necessary when the pulp layer of a tooth becomes infected.  Infection can lead to the loss of a tooth so it is necessary to remove the infection with root canal therapy.  The procedure is generally comfortable and saves the natural tooth, prevents the spread of infection, and returns the smile to complete health.

The Root Canal Procedure in Orlando

Before the root canal procedure begins, the dentist completely numbs the area using a local anesthetic.  Then, we place a rubber dam around the infected tooth to protect the mouth and to prevent anything from falling into the back of the throat. 

To access the infected tooth pulp, we create an opening through the top of the tooth, allowing us to reach the pulp chamber. We then meticulously employ a tiny instrument known as a dental file to cleanse the infected tissue and shape the root canals to prepare them for receiving a filling. We may use X-rays to verify the complete removal of infected pulp before inserting the filling.

Once we’ve removed the infected pulp, we proceed with the restoration. In most cases, we place a crown to fortify and safeguard the tooth. However, if the tooth has suffered severe damage, we may need to commence by reinforcing it with a post and core.

Visit Our Root Canal Specialist in Orlando

Treat your damaged tooth pulp and relieve your pain today with a root canal procedure. If you think that root canal therapy may be right for your dental health, visit Hillcrest Dental today. Our dedicated team will evaluate your dental needs and help you determine if a root canal is best. From there, you can count on us for comfortable, efficient root canal procedures. 

Book your appointment with our root canal specialist today!

FAQs About Root Canal Therapy in Orlando

How did my tooth pulp become infected?

There are two common causes of infection: cavities and fractured/broken teeth.  Both expose the pulp area to bacteria that live in saliva.  These bacteria can cause an infection that can kill the pulp. 

Do I really need root canal treatment?

Without treatment, pus from the infected tooth can spread to the root tip and eventually pass to the jaw bone.  This can cause an abscess (a pus pocket) that can damage the bone that surrounds the tooth.  The pressure this causes can cause excruciating pain and, left untreated, can be life threatening.  An infected tooth can not heal on its own and will only get worse. 

What are the symptoms of infected or damaged tooth pulp?

Symptoms tend to vary from patient to patient.  Infected teeth may be sensitive to hot or cold, the area may be swollen or painful, or there may be a bad taste in the mouth.  Occasionally there will be no symptoms at all.

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