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It’s important to realize that controlling the health of your mouth involves teamwork. This team includes the dentist, hygienist, and perhaps periodontist. However, the most important person on this team is you!

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  • This is by far the best Dental Office Ever! I love how nice, professional they are. They take care of my teeth so well and they are always making me feel comfortable with amazing customer service. I recommend them 100%.

    Samantha K.

  • Amazing staff and bedside manner! Dr. Akkara were great with making me at ease after not seeing a dentist for 25 years and needed a broken tooth extracted, after most of my life I finally found a dentist I can trust to get my smile fixed!

    James W.

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Akkara for some time and greatly appreciate his dental care. Most recently I saw his hygienist, Sharon. She did an excellent job cleaning my teeth, as always, and is so gracious and kind.

    BJ T.

David J. Akkara DMD

Dr. David J. Akkara was born in Atlanta, GA, and spent his formative years in Connecticut. He graduated from the Temple University School of Dentistry, and has focused his efforts on practicing what he calls "comfort dentistry." His skill set and techniques allow him to provide his patients with exceptional dental care with compassion and patience.

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We offer the general, cosmetic, and restorative treatments your family needs to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles. We also offer Botox and fillers, sleep apnea treatment, and more. Give us a call to make an appointment!

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Affordable Dental Visits in Orlando and College Park

According to a poll, the main reason people put off going to the dentist is fear of the fee, not the drill. Unfortunately, many consumers view dental care as a necessary only when there is a problem, and are reluctant to spend money for care when there is “nothing to fix.” The poll also found that thirty percent of respondents had not been to a dentist in more than a year.

This practice of putting off dental visits until something is broken can be more costly in the long run. If you wait until you have an emergency to see your dentist, chances are that the treatment will be more involved and more expensive.

The solution? Begin to educate yourself and form a good relationship with your dentist, so you can become a better informed dental care consumer.

Relaxed Dental Visits in Our College Park Office

If, like most people, you experience some degree of anxiety when it comes time to see the College Park dentist. The following suggestions can help you relax before and during dental treatment.

Start by sharing your anxious feelings with your dentist in Orlando, and confirm that they are committed to pleasant dental visits. Set aside a stress-free time for your dental visit-a time when you won’t be rushed, physically strained, or troubled by other concerns.

Keep in mind that when you see your College Park dentist on a regular basis, many dental visits rarely involve more than a professional cleaning, examination, and consultation. You can, therefore, use this opportunity to get acquainted with the dental staff.

Try to identify your specific fears and concerns. Some people feel anxiety because they had or heard about a negative dental experience during childhood.

Get a good night’s sleep the day before and eat a light breakfast on the day of your appointment. To allow unconstrained movement, wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Schedule short dental appointments by having different procedures performed on different days, if possible. Also arrange to break from lengthy procedures now and then.

Use visualization to feel more comfortable and relaxed both before and during a dental visit. Also practice distraction and relaxation techniques to take your mind off of treatment and to reduce tension.

Ask the College Park dentist to explain each step of the dental examination or procedure. Knowledge gives you more confidence and helps you gain control over an unfamiliar situation.

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Once the dental visit is over, praise yourself for a job well done! You might also treat yourself to a special reward for overcoming your dental anxiety. And remember, the Orlando dentist-patient relationship is just that-a relationship mutually involving you and your dentist. Overcome the habit of thinking of yourself as the passive recipient of treatment.

If you do not presently have a personal, caring dentist in Orlando or College Park, you may call our office for an appointment.

Hillcrest Dental’s dentist office is located at 3600 Formosa Ave.

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